Super Size Me and How It Changed the World

If you get all your television and movies through places like then it’s a safe bet you saw Super Size Me when it was making the rounds on the documentary circuit. To sum it up, a man who really had quite a healthy lifestyle and diet decided he would live off of nothing but McDonalds to see how it would change his health. The real twist to this seemingly boring challenge, however, is that he would have to accept if they offered to super size his meal.

Aside from seeing a grown man become very ill within the short time of less than a week, the movie showed us how incredibly belligerent and unhealthy the fast food industry had made us. The addictive quality of fast food and McDonalds’s willingness to heap more and more unhealthy food onto a person spurred a wave of controversy and now, not only is super sizing no longer on the menu, but the franchise was forced to radically alter their menu to include healthy options – especially if they wanted to stay in business. However, one must ask themselves when they look at this argument – who was the movie more of an indictment of? McDonalds or maybe the culture that demanded them?

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