Top Five Documentary Film Schools in the US

The documentary is a special genre, a cross between filmmaking and journalism. Those who wish to make documentaries must be both proficient with camera tricks and interviewing techniques for their film to succeed. There are plenty of great film schools, but finding one with a program just for documentaries is a little tougher. Here are the five best documentary film schools in the United States.

1. Duke Center for Documentary Studies. This school encourages students to incorporate other fields of study, such as sociology and history, into their courseload to help them get a fuller understanding of their subjects.You can find a quick rundown here

2. The Documentary Center at George Washington University. This six-month course takes you from theory to production, culminating in a thesis project.

3. University of Florida – The Documentary Institute. Fill the gap between this program’s two years with a school-sponsored internship so you can learn from experience.

4. Maine Media Workshops’ Documentary Filmmaking courses. Take the full program or just focus on smaller, specialized workshops. They provide more advanced techniques for those who already have their feet wet in documentary making.

5. Stanford University – Documentary Film and Video. This program heavily emphasizes real-world use, teaching everything from the basics of filmmaking to the art of financing your movie.

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