Top Documentary Film Festivals For Aspiring Filmmakers

Film Festivals have become the setting for aspiring documentary film makers to display their creative efforts. Several locations for festivals have become well known throughout the world as the place to premier their films.

The Cannes Film Festival has been in existence for more than 80 years. During the 1930s the French Minister of National Education, Jean Zay, began the international cinematographic festival to protest the fascist governments of Germany and Italy. It was canceled temporarily due to war between Germany, France and the United Kingdom. It was reactivated after the Second World War in 1946, but suffered several financial problems in later years resulting in a temporary hiatus.

Cannes has turned into an important place to display European films. It offers filmmakers enormous media exposure and is heavily attended by movie stars.

The Toronto Film Festival is held annually on the first Thursday after Labour Day, which is the first Monday in September. The duration of the festival is eleven days and 300 to 400 films are viewed in 37 different screens in downtown Toronto. A variety of films are presented from documentaries to blockbusters. Attendance for the event has totaled over 250,000 during the last few years.

The Toronto Film Festival is now among the most prestigious film events held throughout the world. Begun in 1976 it is considered second only to Cannes and many consider the festival to be as successful.

The Sundance Film Festival has become a highly desired cinema festival for independent films and documentaries. The event is held annually in Park City, Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah. Several well- known independent filmmakers found their big break at Sundance and it has become an established location for documentary filmmakers to show their movies. During 2010, 4 out of the 5 Best Documentary films nominated for the Oscars were first seen by audiences at Sundance.